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9 Months! How time flies…

The best part about my work is when I get visited from babies that came in as newborns.  It’s so much fun to see how different they are, and despite the fact that they don’t remember me (that’s my theory), I always feel a sense of familiarity with these little ones, and I’m almost certain that they feel it too. So, while I’m still catching up and keeping busy in my family life, this is the sneak peek for this little ones family. Enjoy…

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Horsing around….

So, here is a fun session I had with a couple of really cute munchkins.  It’s always fun to just let kids be themselves and see what happens…that is how I roll.  I will do some posing, but most of the time, the fave images are the ones where the kid’s personality comes through and into the lens.  Enjoy this preview…more sessions to blog about soon!


Dreams can be so sweet…

I had the pleasure of photographing this little one…and it took a little convincing to get him sleepy, but once he realised how sweet dreamland is, he slept through the rest of his session.  Oh and the big brother just couldn’t get enough of his new little brother! He hugged him, kissed him, and checked out the eyes and nose of his little brother without too much complaining.  Enjoy this little preview, hopefully by tomorrow I can say, “I’m all caught up!” 😀


A new little sister…

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a big brother.  Well, my next client won’t have to wonder, she’s got the big brother to help watch over her and protect her.  Although she was wide awake for most of her session, I did manage to get a few angelic sleeping images.  Oh, and she did manage to give her big brothers some hilarious moments, which I’m sure he’ll never forget 😉 Enjoy this preview MJ, but most of all enjoy the beauty you’ve brought into this world…

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Ahhhh….7 months, what a fun time!

Gotta love it when babies can sit up on their own and have a giggle without falling over! 🙂 Love my littlest clients, especially when they love to smile.  The camera did love this little guy and I had a great time acting like an idiot to get a few cheek lifters…;)

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