Remembering Florian Levesque: a.k.a. Monsieur Flo – Quebec & New-Brunswick Photographer

After hearing about the sad news of Florian Levesque having passed away suddenly, I just wanted to share the beautiful images he and I created in 2009.  He was preparing one of his children’s shows, and spent a couple of hours with me one gloomy afternoon in September.  I remember him playing out parts of the show, so that the images would look authentic…and I loved every minute of it.  He was the most entertaining adult I had ever photographed, and still to date. He had an energy about him that was simple, yet so wise. I loved hearing his plans and the stories he told, and you could tell his special appreciation for First Nations people when he spoke of the Mi’gmaq. He will always be remembered as an artist, entertainer, writer and activist…One thing I will sure miss is his column in the local paper. He was always bringing light to issues that didn’t necessarily affect you directly, but affected the planet and humanity as a whole, despite living in our somewhat quiet region.  Thank you Florian, for living your life not only for yourself, but keeping all of our best interest at heart. You’ve contributed immensely and it will not be forgotten, and with this some of my favorite images that we had some fun shooting on a gloomy September afternoon back in 2009…

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