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Glamour portraiture – New-Brunswick & Quebec Photographer

Here is a recent glamour session…Actually it’s my sister in laws glamour portraits. No, not your 90’s style, long white gloves, big hair and phony smiles…but something more contemporary and striking. She was gracious enough to let me use a before and after image of her to help me demonstrate that hair & make-up can contribute to stunning images. Thanks Debbie! So, glamour sessions are coming to Karen Martin Photography in the coming months, stay tuned! and be ready for your glamorous shoot…Enjoy!

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Cousins gallore… New-Brunswick & Quebec Photographer

I recently did a session with some cousins, 2 sisters brought in their young ones for some updated portraits…lots of cuteness all around! Enjoy…

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Beautiful girls… New-Brunswick & Quebec Photographer

O my, have I ever blogged 4 sessions in one night? probably not…here goes, and were not breaking any other records this evening…I just had to share these portraits.  I love when you can see the twinkle in mom’s eyes…you can sense and see the bond between mother and daughter…I love it, and I love that I’m able to give to others what I never had, a beautiful mother & newborn daughter portrait. Enjoy…

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Thing 1, 2, 3 & 4! Oh my, the day I had a bunch of cute things running around the studio…New-Brunswick & Quebec Photographer

This family portrait of the kids was so amusing and quite original! I thought it was the funniest and cutest sibling portrait! Here is a recent family session, enjoy…

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The cutest big brother ever… New-Brunswick & Quebec Photographer

I photographed this momma to be with her boys and as you’ll see from her images she was radiating from the inside out! Beautiful family, I can’t wait to meet their new little one 😉 I can only imagine how gorgeous this baby will be! So, enjoy this maternity session…

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Spring is here! Bring on the bunnies!! – New-Brunswick & Quebec Photographer

As Easter weekend has arrived once again very quickly, I’ve been busy trying to get caught up to rock this spring with my revitalized self! And I’ll start today’s blogging with a wee little bunny, who adorably slept through most of her session. The cutie patoutie was getting over the sniffles, but was still able to rest quietly and look pretty! And to all those beautiful mom’s out there who don’t feel ready to take a portrait with their newborns, there is nothing more precious then a daughter who can look back and see how beautiful her momma was when she was born…We are hard on ourselves, and pass up opportunities, celebrate the woman you are today!  So, here is a recent newborn session, enjoy…

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Jean-Marc Couture gets a warm welcome home!

So, I just had to share Jean-Marc’s homecoming with you all. It was definitely something wonderful to be part of this big proud day in our area. I met Jean-Marc last summer while photographing his uncle’s wedding in Campbellton, New-Brunswick. I heard him sing and could not believe I hadn’t heard of him before! So, after chatting with him, I don’t quite remember if I told him he was going to be famous one day or not, but I most definitely knew I’d hear about him in the future. So, here are a few images I was able to capture of him as the Star Académie Champion!! WoooHoooo Jean-Marc! Way to go 😉



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