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Big blue eyes…helped me put things in perspective

So, I’m not the best writer I know, far from it actually. But, I write my own blog and never get it proof read. I figure a picture is worth a thousand words and if I provide multiple images to portray what I’d like to pass on, then that’s even better then fancy words…that is my hope anyway. I rarely write about personal things, it’s typically about my clients, my blog is for you. But, in this instance, it’s a little of both and more to share with you a special little boy that I’ve come to know and love…I believe that sometimes things happen to us for reasons that we don’t quite understand until the time is right.

A few months ago, I had considered closing my business for the sake of my family and to be honest, my sanity. I had gotten busier then ever without making the necessary adjustments to make the load manageable. When telling a few close friends about my plans, they all said “don’t stop” doing what you’re so good at…to me it wasn’t about stopping, it was about appreciating what and who I have in my life. I am grateful everyday for what God has gifted me, and it was time to slow down to appreciate it. Well, that meant sacrificing the work that I feel is important, to capture your loved ones, and the moments that are sometimes fleeting, so you can look back an appreciate them in all of their glory. So, I was torn for quite some time. One day, I wanted it to be just about me and my family, and the next I couldn’t help but wonder how long I would last without being able to give back to the world the way I do now with my work. And then, the day after my 36th birthday I met baby Jordan…

I remember the day I met Jordan, I was nervous before he came through the studio door. I wondered how I would handle this sick little boy. But, I knew this was important, for him, his family, and myself for some reason. See, Jordan I had learned, had a rare disease called Niemann-Pick. He is one of 1200 cases in the world, and so far, there is no cure. My heart ached for him and his family from the first contact I had, a prior client asked if I would photograph him. I said of course and quickly made the phone call to have him brought to the studio.

I remember the day I photographed him, his gaze was so compelling and I was drawn to him. Making him smile made my day, and that photograph says so much about this little boys personality…I asked the family to share with me some of Jordan’s traits and this is what was shared with me…

Jordan loves to smile, when he laughs it’s a full hearted laugh. He has the bluest eyes, and the longest lashes…and cute little dimples when he smiles. He will take your finger and put it up to your face to get you to kiss his hand…over and over again.

I have to say that this little boy has made me appreciate the work that I do, as I know how much mommy & daddy appreciate it. It’s made me re-analyse my way of doing my work, so I too can appreciate the precious time I spend with my family and also provide families with precious images of their love for one another. It’s never really been about the perfect outfit, prop or backdrop, but rather the connection I see between people. It’s amazing what you will see when you take the time to look deeply. I’ve peered into many little souls, only to find that we all have one thing in common, and that is the need to be loved, and to love…

With that being said, I think Jordan knows he has my heart, and he definitely has the strength to make me stop in my tracks and look around at the wonders of God. With love, I’ve captured some beautiful images of this handsome boy, on that first day and again last week at his baptism. How lucky was he to have his big sister alongside him, who was also baptized on the same day.


Happy & cute!! – New-Brunswick & Quebec Photographer

So, I photographed this little gem the last time when she was 7 weeks old, and mom and dad came back for some more family images for baby. She’s cute as a button and so are mom & dad! Dad cracked me up with his hilarious sense of humor and baby thought daddy to be the funniest thing in the world also…;) I don’t blame her…I hope you enjoyed session #2, I already can’t wait to photograph the rest of the crew!

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Oh wow, I’m long overdue for a blog post ladies and gentlemen. For some reason, this time of year is busy for me…So, I won’t yap away at how cute these 2 siblings are, I will let you see it for yourselves! Enjoy…



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