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Montreal couple engagement session

So, often times I book wedding clients from urban cities that come to the quiet Chaleurs Baie to tie the knot. For this couple their engagement session had to wait until the week of the wedding…better late then never! I call it the practice shoot anyway, so here goes. Here is a sneak peek of your session on the eve of your wedding day. See you tomorrow 😉

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Memorable Wedding ~ New-Brunswick & Quebec Wedding Photographer

I love it when I meet a couple and I totally think they make the cutest pair ever! This is one I won’t soon forget. And their boy totally melted my heart, watch out ladies, he will be a heart breaker one day….Blessed we were with beautiful weather, a totally authentic old barn to do a fun “First Look”… They were so cute when they first saw each other it made my heart smile (and their cheeks hurt from all the smiling!). So, here is a sneak peek at another beautiful couple and their wedding day…

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Family is all you need… ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick Photographer

So, here is something I don’t blog much about lately with the wedding season in full swing. But here it is, a family of 4 looking for a portrait display that will make their house a home, and the beauty of each other will light their living room…Enjoy

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Lighthouse Engagement Session ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick Wedding Photographer

So, I’ve been so fortunate this year to have awesome couples to work with! Here is another engagement session done on location in Dalhousie, New-Brunswick. As the storm was brewing, it became the perfect backdrop to this beautiful couple to really shine 🙂 Enjoy your sneak peek…

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Beauty and happiness all around… ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick Wedding Photographer

I love weddings, other then stating the obvious, here is why. I get to tell a story without words (as you can see from my blog, words are not my strength :S). I get to use some of my fashion design background (this way it doesn’t feel like those years in fashion school were wasted :S). I get to study and organize landscapes, if I were rich I’d have the largest garden! But more importantly I get to create something that will remind you everyday how and why you felt the way you did the day you married the one you love…We are not perfect, but it’s taking the time to look back on what we’ve built and maintained that will keep us strong. So, to all you lovers out there, take the time to remember what’s really important…

This bride was sweet, lovely and so laid back, she made my job easy 😉

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Grungy yet romantic Engagement Session ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick Wedding Photographer

Had a great session with this couple. And they had the cutest little dog….lovvvve dogs! And most like to be photographed, how I know this, no clue. And although their session was ended with some rain, we were able to get some beautiful portraits. Love when couples get comfortable with me and naturally forget that I’m capturing the essence of why they love each other so much…As I await their 2013 wedding, here is our first session together.

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On the eve of another wedding…

So, renovations are almost complete, and I haven’t lost my head yet! I’m trying to not get behind on my wedding blogs, so here goes second wedding of the year, on the eve of wedding #3 at the studio. Monday, I get my new assistant, on top of having had 2 summer students. I finally feel spoiled in terms of help 🙂 Have a great weekend..I know I will 😉

Enjoy, hopefully you two are having a blast down in Las Vegas!!!!

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