Beauty and happiness all around… ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick Wedding Photographer

I love weddings, other then stating the obvious, here is why. I get to tell a story without words (as you can see from my blog, words are not my strength :S). I get to use some of my fashion design background (this way it doesn’t feel like those years in fashion school were wasted :S). I get to study and organize landscapes, if I were rich I’d have the largest garden! But more importantly I get to create something that will remind you everyday how and why you felt the way you did the day you married the one you love…We are not perfect, but it’s taking the time to look back on what we’ve built and maintained that will keep us strong. So, to all you lovers out there, take the time to remember what’s really important…

This bride was sweet, lovely and so laid back, she made my job easy 😉

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