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Forever grateful ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

So, the reason for the name of this post is that this couple I will always feel thankful for having. Not, only were they understanding, kind, patient, funny, and beautiful, but they were sweet enough to make sure I didn’t miss my flight to Punta Cana to enjoy myself along with my family…at the end of our time together they cheered me on to go on and enjoy myself. They made sure we had everything to be comfortable, including feeding us and giving us mimosa’s on demand…thanks mom 😉 But on another note, she was gorgeous and he cleaned up pretty nice too! Grace should have been her name as she defined it in her timeless look and elegance…enjoy!


Country wedding ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

This couple was so cute and in love, it made me happy to celebrate along with their friends and family. They were truly a pleasure to work with. And as you’ll see the night couldn’t have ended better for me with a firework show for the newlyweds. Enjoy…

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Princess bride ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

I did this wedding earlier this summer, it was a short stay with the couple, so we blitzed some beautiful images despite the time constraint. I have to admit, when I saw her for the first time, I thought she looked like a doll. This bride had the prettiest princess dress. I dreamed of this dress as a little girl and I’m sure many of you have also…She looked amazing, radiated love as did the groom and it warmed my heart to be present on their beautiful wedding day. Lovely and sweet this couple sure was…enjoy!

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Maternal beauty ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

So, this pretty momma came to me because I had photographed her older sister’s maternity portraits years ago.  She looked flawless and was so gracious, but I think her portraits exude exactly that. Here is a maternity session that was both simple and timeless. Enjoy…

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Family fun ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick Photographer

I had the pleasure of spending some time with this little family. Fellow photographer, and not one to skimp out on her own memories, I’ve been photographing them since the oldest was a wee little baby. There awesome in so many ways, and photographing them is always a hoot. Although behind on my work lately, due to unplanned life stuff, here’s a little something with hopefully more to come today. Enjoy…

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