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Cold, but beautiful wedding day ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

So, like the title says, it was cold! But we managed as the sun was out and the lighting was magnificent. This couple I’ve gotten to know throughout the year and was so happy to be part of their big day. You could see the love, and the sweetness in their admiration for each other…so, I know I’ve kept them waiting, and they’ve been more then sweet about it, here is your sneak peek Mr. & Mrs. Irvine!


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Native talent ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photography

So, I’ve known this guy since he was a boy. It’s amazing to watch someone grow into such a talented artist. So, here are some of the strong images we got out of our portrait session. To see more of this Mi’gmaq musician, see the youtube link I’ve posted below…

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How time flies! | Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

Oh my, how time flies, I’ve been photographing this family since the youngest was in mommy’s tummy. They’re a sweet family that I love to see! Although, they drive down from St-Quentin, New-Brunswick, they always seem to arrive happy and beautiful…So, without further delay, here is an updated session from this fab fam!

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Simply beautiful ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

So this couple like many of my clients came in from away. Their day was beautiful and fun despite the rainy and chilly day. I love details, old cars and beautiful ceremonies. So, I know they’ve been waiting for this, here it is! Enjoy…

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Another bump and another boy! ~ Gaspésie photographer

So, I’ve seen this pretty lady before…and it was the same story, another boy on his way. It will be baby boy #3! She was radiating that special glow women have while carrying their children. This time she brought daddy along, so that made the session different in a good way. Here is a peak at a special momma’s maternity session!

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Home sweet home wedding ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

So, this couple lives out west, but came home to wed. I met them via skype and we planned the majority of the photography that way. It’s always a pleasure to photograph city folks here in the quietness of northern New-Brunswick, especially in the fall months. I know they’re anxious for a sneak peek, so without further delay, here is a look at their special day…Enjoy!


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