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A complete family ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick Newborn Photographer

So, I recently photographed this little dude, such a cutie. He is baby #3 and they were lucky enough to get a son this time around. Photographing him was a breeze, his big sister on the other hand kept me and mommy on our toes! Ha the joys of having children close in age…Enjoy this newborn’s images.

_MG_2383 _MG_2492-Newborn baby _MG_2544Newbornboy

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Pretty 1 week old ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick Newborn Photographer

Lately there has been a crazy amount of babies being born…I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m seeing more of them or if indeed there are more births this year then typical. So, I had the pleasure of photographing mommy’s second baby girl, as I photographed her first angel a few years back. How lucky is she to now have 2 beautiful daughters, and how lucky is Mr. Hubby to be surrounded by all these pretty ladies! Haha, that must mean a whole lot more dolls and dresses in this home! Enjoy your blog, I know you came a long way to see me 😉

_MG_2206_MG_2374 _MG_2230

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Big brother, little sister ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick Newborn Photographer

So, I had the honor recently of welcoming new clients to the studio with their beautiful 2 week old baby girl. Mom and dad had the cutest pair of siblings. He was a cutie and she was just so precious. So, here is a peak at their newborn session…

_MG_1439newborn _MG_1624-newborn


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Pink loves this momma ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick Photographer

So, some of you may recognize this beautiful couple. Sweet in every way, I know they will make great parents. And I’m so glad I chose to photograph her with pink, it suited her beautifully! I’ve had so many babies come in for newborn sessions, and hers is already in the books. I can’t wait to meet the precious wee one soon 😉 Enjoy this sweet maternity session…

maternity 9332 _MG_9399maternity 9321

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Sweet smiles ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick Photographer

So, here is another sweet baby boy.  I can only imagine how many hearts he’ll break if his are as bright as mommy and daddy’s…Enjoy his sweet sleepy smile…

_MG_0359 _MG_0415 _MG_0580

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