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A homecoming wedding ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

So, this couple lives in Moncton, but decided to come home to get hitched…I’m glad they did because I got the opportunity to meet them and spend this beautiful day with them!! The weather was great all the way through, that was a total bonus! I loved the purple, the girls pulled it off beautifully. And the guys pulled off the converse footwear pretty well too 😉

Here is a beautiful couple that radiated love!

Decor by: Angela Schlueter from Frostings in Campbellton, NB

DJ services provided by: Don Bernard

Bride’s hair by: Erica Drapeau from Balmoral, NB

Make-up by: Natacha Arsenault from Dalhousie, NB

Flowers by: Au Joli Cadeau from Charlo, NB (506) 684-5248

Cake by: Melanie Lemieux

Wedding - C&J-1 Wedding - C&J-2 Wedding - C&J-3 Wedding - C&J-4 Wedding - C&J-5 Wedding - C&J-6 Wedding - C&J-7 Wedding - C&J-8 Wedding - C&J-9 Wedding - C&J-10 Wedding - C&J-11 Wedding - C&J-12 Wedding - C&J-13 Wedding - C&J-14 Wedding - C&J-15 Wedding - C&J-17 Wedding - C&J-18 Wedding - C&J-19

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By the river engagement ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

So you may wonder why I entitled this post as “by the river”…that’s because it was. The river isn’t the focal point mind you, as much as I love it, it’s about this couple who’ve been together 11 years! Going to spend my evening with them later 😉

_MG_6849 _MG_6867 _MG_6892 _MG_6904 _MG_6909 _MG_6961

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First wedding of 2013 ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

Finally! I get to blog about the first wedding of 2013! It took place in May, but with all the craziness around here, I’m only getting caught up this evening. This couple had originally planned on getting married in 2012 and had booked me then, but they too had crazy schedules and ended up post-poning to this year. Lucky me, because I got to start off this wedding season with these fabulous people! They were so sweet, accommodating, not to mention beautiful on the inside and outside…So, here they are Steve & Jessica on their rainy, but still amazing wedding day!

_MG_9781 _MG_9739 _MG_9871 _MG_9899 _MG_9912 _MG_9946 _MG_9979 _MG_9988 _MG_9989 _MG_0019

_MG_0029-Edit _MG_0034 _MG_0283 _MG_0295 _MG_0341 _MG_0380 _MG_0417 _MG_0541 _MG_0605 _MG_0614 _MG_0746 _MG_0889 _MG_0939-Edit _MG_0978 _MG_1011 _MG_1033 _MG_1086 _MG_1097 _MG_1160 _MG_1330 _MG_1341 _MG_1401 _MG_1406 _MG_1737

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Newborn sweetness ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick newborn photographer

So, I’ve been way overdue for a blog post. I’ve gone back to school and it’s been quite the challenge to “do it all”. But I just had to do it, things pointed me that way, and when life hands you something, it’s usually a sign that it’s meant to be. I’m happy I’ve taken on this new path, and I’ve grown since in a way that would not of happened by continuing on a comfortable routine. It’s also made me re-evaluate my business, and I’ve made some decisions that we’re a little overdue. I’ve come to realize that I no longer want to be the “general” photographer. I’ve decided to evaluate my skills, and figure out what I’m best at and stick to that. I will re-brand in the fall and make everything official as to what type of photography I will stick with.

In the meantime, here is a little something that I’ve been meaning to share 😉 Enjoy this sweet 2 week old newborn girlie…

_MG_2997 _MG_3036 _MG_3079 _MG_3088 _MG_3110

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