Newborn sweetness ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick newborn photographer

So, I’ve been way overdue for a blog post. I’ve gone back to school and it’s been quite the challenge to “do it all”. But I just had to do it, things pointed me that way, and when life hands you something, it’s usually a sign that it’s meant to be. I’m happy I’ve taken on this new path, and I’ve grown since in a way that would not of happened by continuing on a comfortable routine. It’s also made me re-evaluate my business, and I’ve made some decisions that we’re a little overdue. I’ve come to realize that I no longer want to be the “general” photographer. I’ve decided to evaluate my skills, and figure out what I’m best at and stick to that. I will re-brand in the fall and make everything official as to what type of photography I will stick with.

In the meantime, here is a little something that I’ve been meaning to share 😉 Enjoy this sweet 2 week old newborn girlie…

_MG_2997 _MG_3036 _MG_3079 _MG_3088 _MG_3110

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