High school sweeties ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

I love everything about this wedding, you’ll know why in a second. This couple has been together since high school. Her ring is antique and her dress was one of the last Betsey Johnson’s made. One of the bride’s good friends married them at the groom’s family cottage on the beach. They had me make them a custom guest album that ended up getting filled with heartfelt messages. What more can I say? So, without further words, here is one of my latest weddings.

Florist: Au Joli Cadeau Enr., Charlo, NB, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Au-Joli-Cadeau/291448074284187

Cake: Melanie Lemieux

DJ services: Allain Pelletier

Makeup artist: Veronique Doucet_MG_8549 _MG_8564 _MG_8573 _MG_8594 _MG_8632 _MG_8648 _MG_8665 _MG_8677 _MG_8679 _MG_8686 _MG_8696 _MG_8697 _MG_8747 _MG_8749 _MG_8782 _MG_8849 _MG_9049 _MG_9335 _MG_9358 _MG_9463 _MG_9489 _MG_9499 _MG_9547 _MG_9790 _MG_9831



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