Rainy wedding day ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick Wedding photographer

So, the weather doesn’t always cooperate, but fear not, it’s not the end of the world. The best part about it is not being hot and sweaty, right? This bride had me cracking up all day, she was silly and so laid back, and Mr. Groom had no worries either. That’s when you know it’s going to be an enjoyable day!

I’d also like to thank my couples this year for being so patient. I decided to return to school this spring and it wasn’t an easy decision, but if not now…when? I am returning to school this coming weekend to finish up my certificate in Antigonish, Nova Scotia at St-Xavier University and it will be one thing I can check off the long bucket list, and come September things in the studio will be back to normal, but a better normal 😉

So enough about me, here is the beautiful Mr. & Mrs.!

Flowers: http://www.dieppeflorist.com/

DJ services: Allain Pelletier

Makeup Artist: Fallon Irvine from Beauty of Nails & Esthetics Day Spa in Campbellton, NB (506) 759-7897

_MG_0067 _MG_0083 _MG_0186 _MG_0264 _MG_0272 _MG_0340 _MG_0405 _MG_0409-Edit _MG_0417 _MG_0494 _MG_0628 _MG_0734 _MG_0744 _MG_0940

IMG_4179_MG_1172 _MG_1225 _MG_1464

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