Peacock themed wedding! Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

Well, you know you’re tired when you almost put the blog title “Ostrich themed wedding!” Bahahahaha, well one quick blog before I head to bed to regulate this nuttiness! I loved this wedding and you’ll see why, it was a beautiful day and the bride did so many finishing touches it made for a pretty night. So, enjoy…

Decor: Stacey Martin & Rose Vicaire, Listuguj, Quebec

Cake: Melanie Lemieux, Listuguj, Quebec

_MG_3143 _MG_3160 _MG_3249 _MG_3303 _MG_3339 _MG_3405 _MG_3412 _MG_3418 _MG_3539 _MG_3545 _MG_3580 _MG_3634 _MG_3784 _MG_3935 _MG_4019 _MG_4023 _MG_4073 _MG_4125 _MG_4144 _MG_4154 _MG_4159 _MG_4185 _MG_4254 _MG_4286 _MG_4313 _MG_4464 _MG_4504 _MG_4556 _MG_4593 _MG_4617 _MG_4620 _MG_4672 _MG_4831 _MG_4892 _MG_4923 _MG_4961 _MG_5004 _MG_5065 _MG_5081 _MG_5111 _MG_5116

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