Intimate family wedding ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

Every once in a while I wake up, and my prayers weren’t answered…it’s raining on the day I shoot a wedding. I always prepare for such days and yes they are trickier to shoot, but nonetheless it’s gotta be great anyway. My favorite part of this wedding was the children, and despite only sharing 4 hours together I loved every minute of it! The couple had beautiful children and they were so well behaved, I never knew such humans existed here on planet earth :O Hahaha, jokes aside this couple was sweet and I hope you like the ambience the rain created 😉 Enjoy…

KarenMartin-1 KarenMartin-2 KarenMartin-3 KarenMartin-4 KarenMartin-5 KarenMartin-6 KarenMartin-7 KarenMartin-8 KarenMartin-9 KarenMartin-10 KarenMartin-11 KarenMartin-12 KarenMartin-13 KarenMartin-14 KarenMartin-15 KarenMartin-16 KarenMartin-17 KarenMartin-18 KarenMartin-19 KarenMartin-20 KarenMartin-21 KarenMartin-22 KarenMartin-23 KarenMartin-24 KarenMartin-25 KarenMartin-26 KarenMartin-27 KarenMartin-28 KarenMartin-29 KarenMartin-30 KarenMartin-31 KarenMartin-32 KarenMartin-33 KarenMartin-34 KarenMartin-35

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