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Baby boys are everywhere ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

So, I’m blogging newborn baby boy #2 today! He was 7 days old, and was so precious!! He preferred being near mommy for cuddles then being posed much of the time we spent together, but I think we managed to pull something off that is pretty darn sweet. Here is another newborn baby boy…

KarenMartinphotography-3KarenMartinphotography-1 KarenMartinphotography-2


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7 days old sweet new baby boy ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

So, I shot this momma and daddy’s wedding in the summer of 2012. He was as nice and sweet as they are! He slept through the session and made it so easy…it’s nice once in a while to get a really sleepy one 🙂 Here’s a preview of a newborn baby boy at day 7 of life…

KarenMartinphotography-6KarenMartinphotography-3 KarenMartinphotography-5



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6 month old baby session ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

So, this mom has been coming to the studio consistent portrait sessions of her 2 babies. She always gets products that will be treasured in their family for years to come. She always has vision and I love working with her to hopefully deliver something she can cherish…I took a chance on one of the images, I’m not big on the black and whites with a touch of color but I just had to try it on one of these sweet vintage looks we were going for. So, here is a sweet baby girl who I’ll most likely be seeing right around her first birthday! 🙂 Enjoyyyy….


babyphoto1babyphoto2 familyphoto3


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A twin maternity shoot ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

This couple was so cute, I can only imagine what these babies will look like. And the best part about it is that I’ll get to meet them and photograph them….YAYYYYYYY!!! So, here is a much anticipated blog post! Enjoy…

_MG_7180 _MG_7223 _MG_7245 _MG_7315-Edit

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Beautiful rainy wedding with lots of class ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

So, this past weekend I shot a wedding in the rain. It happens and you know what I don’t fight it, there are certain images you just can’t achieve in the sun! This wedding was boasting with details and was gorgeous from top to bottom. This bride put a ton of effort in all of the little details and it made for a spectacular wedding reception. She too was beautiful as can be, and he was looking pretty snazzy in his suit. I had a great time, and might of had one too many desserts, but oh well, I’ve come to learn it’s part of the fun! Enjoy this preview…

Venue: Hotellerie Baie-Bleue, Carleton, Quebec

DJ: Floyd Metallic

KarenMartinphotography-1 KarenMartinphotography-2 KarenMartinphotography-3

KarenMartinphotography-4 KarenMartinphotography-5 KarenMartinphotography-6 KarenMartinphotography-7 KarenMartinphotography-9 KarenMartinphotography-10 KarenMartinphotography-11 KarenMartinphotography-12 KarenMartinphotography-13 KarenMartinphotography-14 KarenMartinphotography-15 KarenMartinphotography-16 KarenMartinphotography-17 KarenMartinphotography-18 KarenMartinphotography-19 KarenMartinphotography-20 KarenMartinphotography-21 KarenMartinphotography-22 KarenMartinphotography-24 KarenMartinphotography-25 KarenMartinphotography-26 KarenMartinphotography-27 KarenMartinphotography-28 KarenMartinphotography-29 KarenMartinphotography-30 KarenMartinphotography-31 KarenMartinphotography-32

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One year anniversary session ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

So, this momma wanted to have her newborn photographed when he was born and couldn’t make the long trek from Kuujjuaq, Quebec so we made an appointment on their summer vacation, which happened to fall right around their one year anniversary. Baby was still young, so there were a couple reasons for getting some portraits done. I love this family, I’ve been there for many of their recent life changing events and I’m happy everytime we get to do it again! So, here is a sneak peek of an August session!

_MG_6507 _MG_6589 _MG_6622 _MG_6652-Edit _MG_6670 _MG_6703 _MG_6852


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Maternity session gift ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick maternity photographer

It’s nice to get baby shower gifts, especially when they are gifts that will last a lifetime and will forever freeze this sweet moment in your life. This momma came in with a nice gift certificate that her co-workers got for her. It’s something she was pretty happy about! So, here is a pretty little family and their soon to be family of 4. Enjoy…

_MG_7509 _MG_7571-Edit _MG_7610-Edit

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