Beautiful rainy wedding with lots of class ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

So, this past weekend I shot a wedding in the rain. It happens and you know what I don’t fight it, there are certain images you just can’t achieve in the sun! This wedding was boasting with details and was gorgeous from top to bottom. This bride put a ton of effort in all of the little details and it made for a spectacular wedding reception. She too was beautiful as can be, and he was looking pretty snazzy in his suit. I had a great time, and might of had one too many desserts, but oh well, I’ve come to learn it’s part of the fun! Enjoy this preview…

Venue: Hotellerie Baie-Bleue, Carleton, Quebec

DJ: Floyd Metallic

KarenMartinphotography-1 KarenMartinphotography-2 KarenMartinphotography-3

KarenMartinphotography-4 KarenMartinphotography-5 KarenMartinphotography-6 KarenMartinphotography-7 KarenMartinphotography-9 KarenMartinphotography-10 KarenMartinphotography-11 KarenMartinphotography-12 KarenMartinphotography-13 KarenMartinphotography-14 KarenMartinphotography-15 KarenMartinphotography-16 KarenMartinphotography-17 KarenMartinphotography-18 KarenMartinphotography-19 KarenMartinphotography-20 KarenMartinphotography-21 KarenMartinphotography-22 KarenMartinphotography-24 KarenMartinphotography-25 KarenMartinphotography-26 KarenMartinphotography-27 KarenMartinphotography-28 KarenMartinphotography-29 KarenMartinphotography-30 KarenMartinphotography-31 KarenMartinphotography-32

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