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Beautiful brothers ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick newborn photographer

So, this couple made the blog recently when they came in for their maternity session. Their firstborn was so adorable I knew baby number 2 would be beautiful also, whether it was a girl or boy. Her sessions were gifted to her, and she’ll treasure this present for years to come…enjoy this sneak peek of a beautiful little family!

KarenMartinphotography-1 KarenMartinphotography-3KarenMartinphotography-2

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Wedding in the leaves ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

So, this was the last wedding of the season. It was a gorgeous day out, so the temperature was magnificent! I photographed this bride’s sister and brother-in-law’s wedding last year, so my surroundings and people were somewhat familiar, which was nice. One of the best part about this wedding was the many hours we had to do portraits, it’s not always the case, but since it was the last wedding of the season, I welcomed the relaxed portraits. Fall weddings are always so beautiful and this one had a fun car that we could play with. So, here is a sneak peek at last weekends’ wedding, enjoy!

KarenMartinphotography-1 KarenMartinphotography-2 KarenMartinphotography-3 KarenMartinphotography-4 KarenMartinphotography-5 KarenMartinphotography-6 KarenMartinphotography-7 KarenMartinphotography-8 KarenMartinphotography-9 KarenMartinphotography-10 KarenMartinphotography-11 KarenMartinphotography-12 KarenMartinphotography-13 KarenMartinphotography-14 KarenMartinphotography-16 KarenMartinphotography-17 KarenMartinphotography-18 KarenMartinphotography-19 KarenMartinphotography-20 KarenMartinphotography-21 KarenMartinphotography-22 KarenMartinphotography-23 KarenMartinphotography-24 KarenMartinphotography-25 KarenMartinphotography-26 KarenMartinphotography-27

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Backyard family portrait ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

There’s nothing like fall portraits. It is such a fleeting season, before you know it the colors are no longer in the trees, but on the ground. I’ve been photographing this couple since they were expecting this little guy. He’s already 6 months! Here is their family, including the furry siblings…;)

KarenMartinphotography-1 KarenMartinphotography-3 KarenMartinphotography-2KarenMartinphotography-4KarenMartinphotography-7


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Annual family portrait ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

So, I get to photograph this family at least once a year. Mom knows how important it is to keep the family’s growth and changes archived through images as she too is a photographer. This session was a little challenging, but I think we made out okay! How could you not with these cute faces! So, enjoy this beautiful fall family session…

KarenMartinphotography-1 KarenMartinphotography-2 KarenMartinphotography-3 KarenMartinphotography-4 KarenMartinphotography-6 KarenMartinphotography-7 KarenMartinphotography-8 KarenMartinphotography-9

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