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Newborn princess ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

So, this little newborn girl came in with her own little crown. You’ll see more of those at some point 😉 So, this mom’s mother purchased an awesome gift for her at an SPCA auction where I donated a gift certificate for a session and digital files. Well, I photographed her and her family several years ago now and it was a pleasure to have her back and photograph the next generation of this family of Mi’gmaq women. Here she is, enjoy these precious images of her first few days.

IMG_6609 IMG_6681 IMG_6673

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Sunshiney wedding ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

I feel lucky everyday to be able to capture people’s most precious moments. I’m not being sappy or anything, it’s the honest truth. Being surrounded and in constant observance of people’s emotions and expressions makes you appreciate the little things in the everyday. I loved this wedding, the bride was a hoot and so were the bridesmaids. The men were jocksters and being in black suits and still be able to pull off jokes and laughs, when you yourself feel like you may melt, well my hats off to those groomsmen. So, here they are…beautiful and happy, enjoy!

IMG_0168 IMG_0363 IMG_0449 IMG_0487 IMG_0711 IMG_0813 IMG_0833 IMG_0874 IMG_1034 IMG_1089-Edit IMG_1298 IMG_1310 IMG_1340 IMG_1608 IMG_1622 IMG_1652 IMG_1665 IMG_1706 IMG_1780 IMG_1820 IMG_1865 IMG_1886 IMG_1891 IMG_1924 IMG_2069 IMG_2156 IMG_2316 IMG_2331 IMG_2334 IMG_2461 IMG_2532 IMG_2534

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Baby D at 4 months ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

So, when I got this call baby was older then my newborns and younger then my older babies; but sometimes it’s just important to capture them while still babylicious! So, that’s what we did, he wasn’t in a smiley mood, but he was still a handsome boy. So, here he is, enjoy some of the portraits from his session…

3Z3A1220-KMP 3Z3A1264-KMP3Z3A1241-KMP

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Wedding in the wind ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

So, hurricane Arthur made his presence known yesterday. No amount of praying seemed to make a difference, but despite the heavy rains, strong winds, and chilly temperatures for a July day we made out pretty good. Being surrounded by amazing people always helps to make light of a “bad weather” situation. The electricity didn’t go out in the neighborhood and that we were pretty grateful for. We had a beautiful child to cheer us up also. You have to love them little beautiful faces full of excitement on such a day.

And wait until you see the images of dad helping daughter prepare…

Here is a sweet couple’s wedding sneak peek…enjoy!

IMG_4404 IMG_4501 IMG_4514 IMG_4518 IMG_4539 IMG_4550 IMG_4578 IMG_4645 IMG_4689 IMG_4706 IMG_4784 IMG_4794 IMG_4824 IMG_4907 IMG_5150 IMG_5165 IMG_5275 IMG_5285 IMG_5326 IMG_5377 IMG_5451 IMG_5479 IMG_5492 IMG_5503 IMG_5521 IMG_5551 IMG_5589 IMG_5663 IMG_5730 IMG_5763 IMG_5835 IMG_5987 IMG_4460

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T’was the night before the vows ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

So, these guys will be saying their “I do’s” tomorrow afternoon. They came in for the week to finish up the planning so we didn’t get around to doing an earlier engagement session, but I always say better late then never! So, yesterday we met up to get some of the details figured out and get out some images before the big day. Enjoy some of their images…

IMG_4305 IMG_4321 IMG_4326 IMG_4334 IMG_4353 IMG_4372

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Portraits at the carnival ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

For the record, it was HOT out! I can’t remember the last time I almost became a puddle of melted flesh…This family gets their portraits done every year. Last year we had planned on going out to the carnival but it just didn’t pan out. So, we had a year to plan this session out. We had a blast and that’s the best part of it all! Enjoy a sneak peek at this family’s super sizzling session!

IMG_3768 IMG_4035 IMG_3697 IMG_3686 IMG_4024 IMG_4013 IMG_4004 IMG_4002 IMG_3999 IMG_3984 IMG_3962 IMG_3936 IMG_3870 IMG_3814


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Newborn baby girl for this family ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

So, I don’t know what part of the province, country or world you’re reading this from, but let me tell you this…it’s been very HOT. Yes I’m happy summer is here, but boy has it been difficult to be productive. So, finally got in this evening to get some work done before the weekend wedding gets here. So, here is a beautiful baby girl with all kinds of love surrounding her…enjoy!

3Z3A1712-KMP 3Z3A1782-KMP 3Z3A1853-KMP 3Z3A1876-KMP 3Z3A1897-KMP

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