Sunshiney wedding ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

I feel lucky everyday to be able to capture people’s most precious moments. I’m not being sappy or anything, it’s the honest truth. Being surrounded and in constant observance of people’s emotions and expressions makes you appreciate the little things in the everyday. I loved this wedding, the bride was a hoot and so were the bridesmaids. The men were jocksters and being in black suits and still be able to pull off jokes and laughs, when you yourself feel like you may melt, well my hats off to those groomsmen. So, here they are…beautiful and happy, enjoy!

IMG_0168 IMG_0363 IMG_0449 IMG_0487 IMG_0711 IMG_0813 IMG_0833 IMG_0874 IMG_1034 IMG_1089-Edit IMG_1298 IMG_1310 IMG_1340 IMG_1608 IMG_1622 IMG_1652 IMG_1665 IMG_1706 IMG_1780 IMG_1820 IMG_1865 IMG_1886 IMG_1891 IMG_1924 IMG_2069 IMG_2156 IMG_2316 IMG_2331 IMG_2334 IMG_2461 IMG_2532 IMG_2534

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