Beautiful Fredericton wedding ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

So, I’ve known this pretty momma for years. I’ve shot many sessions for her and I’ve seen her boys grow throughout the years. When her and the Mr. asked me to do the wedding I was over the moon. They love each other and there’s no doubt about it. I love that about them. He adores his lady and isn’t shy to show the world. So, here is a sneak peek at an out of town wedding I did recently. Enjoy…

IMG_5860 IMG_5973 IMG_6152 IMG_6322 IMG_6472 IMG_6185 IMG_6549IMG_6572_MG_5986_MG_5987_MG_5989_MG_5992_MG_5998_MG_6019IMG_6585IMG_6626IMG_6632IMG_6700_MG_6084 _MG_6341 IMG_6914 IMG_6863 IMG_6855 IMG_6839 IMG_6766 _MG_6429IMG_7051 IMG_7082 IMG_7086 IMG_7184 IMG_7828IMG_7520

Venue: Fredericton, NB Delta

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