Fall wedding ~ Quebec & Campbellton, NB wedding photographer

This beautiful wedding was full of laughter, tears, and kindness. The kids were excited and mom and dad were happy…in the end it’s what makes the day such a privilege to be part of. On days like this I’m grateful to be able to play the role that I do, to be able to offer the physical part of the memories. Enjoy a few images from this couples fall wedding…

Karenmartin-1 Karenmartin-2 Karenmartin-3 Karenmartin-5 Karenmartin-6 Karenmartin-7Karenmartin8 Karenmartinblog-4Karenmartinblog-9 Karenmartinblog-10Karenmartin-17 Karenmartinblog-11 Karenmartinblog-12 Karenmartinblog-13 Karenmartinblog-16 Karenmartinblog3-1 Karenmartinblog3-2 Karenmartinblog3-3 Karenmartinblog3-4 Karenmartinblog4-1

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