Vanessa & Kristof ~ Campbellton, New Brunswick

Well, this day turned out to be a blessing. We had bad weather before and after the big day. After what seemed like weeks of rain and cold we got one beautiful sunny summer day! This couple was a pleasure to spend the day with. As you’ll see my job wasn’t very hard either…beautiful people in a beautiful setting.

As you’ll see we did a “first look”, and these are always fun when set-up right. Wait till you see the sequence šŸ™‚

Thank you for letting me be part of this day Vanessa & Kristof!

Here’s a preview!

IMG_6867 IMG_6968 IMG_7181 IMG_7205 IMG_7247 IMG_7427 IMG_7429 IMG_7533 IMG_7542 IMG_7548 IMG_7551 IMG_7567 IMG_7679 IMG_7710 IMG_7719 IMG_7732 IMG_7794 IMG_8185 IMG_8298 IMG_8364 IMG_8457 IMG_8676 IMG_8914 IMG_8926 IMG_8996 IMG_9171 IMG_9335 IMG_9554 IMG_9985

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