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The annual family session ~ Quebec & New Brunswick photographer

To this family their family portraits is a ritual that we’ve come to love and expect. There’s no doubt next year we’ll be planning the location, the colors the theme and all that fun stuff in order to keep their session different from the previous. Last year, I photographed this family at the carnival. This year we decided on a beach session. I think many of us underestimate the beauty that’s in our backyard. This year I’m hoping to get outside a little more while the weather is nice. The kids love it, and chasing them is what I do best, even if that means jumping in the water with them 🙂

When I edited this session. I seriously was smiling through the whole process. How could you not!? These kids crack me up. We had a blast and I wondered sometimes how well mom and dad were hiding their terror lol… It didn’t go as planned (nice dry outfits), but hey we made memories they’ll love one day.

Here’s to another year of documenting the Vicaire family!

_MG_0059 _MG_0082 _MG_9914-Edit _MG_9949 _MG_9996 IMG_6565 IMG_6646 IMG_6655 IMG_6668 IMG_6679 IMG_6721 IMG_6728 IMG_6747 IMG_6760 IMG_6765 IMG_6793 IMG_6819 IMG_6844 IMG_6858 IMG_6878 IMG_6936-Edit

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Ahhh…children, how I missed you ~ Quebec & New Brunswick photographer

So, a while back I slowed down quite a bit on booking sessions that weren’t wedding, newborn or maternity related. I stayed away from family and children so that I could concentrate on these areas. But what I realized recently is that having to entertain and trick kids into liking me was part of the excitement! Oh my how fun it is to pull scrunchie noses, giggles and smiles out of little ones. They have no care in the world what tomorrow brings and what yesterday was like. And when I’m photographing them, I’m right there…In the moment. Sure the parents probably think I’m some kind of whacked out overgrown child, but that’s part of the fun. And you know what I need more of that in my life. So, bring it on!

Here is a recent session I did of 2 beautiful boys, who love their mother without a doubt and she adores them just as much. I love when a child is free loving and carefree like the way they were meant to be…

And one of my favorite images is the last one, because I’m in it. I can see my shadow behind him and he’s reaching up towards me…that’s when I know, I’ve done my  best to make them feel at home 🙂

IMG_5672 IMG_5720 IMG_6055 IMG_6112 IMG_6152 IMG_6159 IMG_6237 IMG_6312-Edit

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She’s a cute smarty pants ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

This session was personal, meet my youngest niece…she’s a cutie and a smarty pants, a combination that makes your heart melt…

_MG_8475 _MG_8516 _MG_8586 _MG_8608 _MG_8614 _MG_8644 _MG_8657 _MG_8668

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Outside to get some sun ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

So, this time of year is getting cooler for outdoor session with little ones. But since the sun was shining, it was my opportunity to get out there and have a little more fun running around instead of sitting around 😉 Baby girl needed a nap, but you could hardly tell in these images…And this boy’s eyes were so blue it was dreamy! Enjoy this little sneak peek…

KarenMartinphotography-1 KarenMartinphotography-2 KarenMartinphotography-5 KarenMartinphotography-6

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Birthday Girl ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick Photographer

So, I’m reallly late on blogging. My health hasn’t been the best, but I’m doing my best to find every possible solution to bring me back to the healthy me 🙂 In the meantime, I have to relax and take it easy. I will get caught up some day, until then, enjoy the tidbits I hand out…

This little gem was shy as a button, but I managed to get a few splendid images for mom & dad!

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Just be You ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick Photographer

So, when parents bring in their children, they often wish the halo was shinning brighter, and that the energy would be somewhat under control. I on the other hand can’t wait for them to do the stuff that makes them unique! Even if that means making me run after them while they laugh so hard that it makes everyone else laugh. So, here was not 1 or 2, but 3 different sets of cousins. Ahh, we had fun anyway and here are some of my favorite images…


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A Toronto family comes for a visit! – Quebec & New-Brunswick Photographer

It’s definitely a way overdue blog post. I’m up to my neck in renovations and it’s affecting my work flow. So, my apologies for the longer waits these days to see your blog posts. So, this family contacted me before coming our way for a visit, so they could get their family of 4 photographed. Thank you, for spending that time with me…here is a sample of your session! Enjoy…

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