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The annual family session ~ Quebec & New Brunswick photographer

To this family their family portraits is a ritual that we’ve come to love and expect. There’s no doubt next year we’ll be planning the location, the colors the theme and all that fun stuff in order to keep their session different from the previous. Last year, I photographed this family at the carnival. This year we decided on a beach session. I think many of us underestimate the beauty that’s in our backyard. This year I’m hoping to get outside a little more while the weather is nice. The kids love it, and chasing them is what I do best, even if that means jumping in the water with them 🙂

When I edited this session. I seriously was smiling through the whole process. How could you not!? These kids crack me up. We had a blast and I wondered sometimes how well mom and dad were hiding their terror lol… It didn’t go as planned (nice dry outfits), but hey we made memories they’ll love one day.

Here’s to another year of documenting the Vicaire family!

_MG_0059 _MG_0082 _MG_9914-Edit _MG_9949 _MG_9996 IMG_6565 IMG_6646 IMG_6655 IMG_6668 IMG_6679 IMG_6721 IMG_6728 IMG_6747 IMG_6760 IMG_6765 IMG_6793 IMG_6819 IMG_6844 IMG_6858 IMG_6878 IMG_6936-Edit

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Newborn baby girl ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick newborn photographer

What a sweet girl she was! Every baby that comes into the studio always makes me feel like the world is now so much sweeter…Enjoy this precious baby girl’s images. I’ll be getting caught up this week on some of my studio work, so stay tuned, the blog will be busy!

IMG_8433 IMG_8570 IMG_8581

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Portraits at the carnival ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

For the record, it was HOT out! I can’t remember the last time I almost became a puddle of melted flesh…This family gets their portraits done every year. Last year we had planned on going out to the carnival but it just didn’t pan out. So, we had a year to plan this session out. We had a blast and that’s the best part of it all! Enjoy a sneak peek at this family’s super sizzling session!

IMG_3768 IMG_4035 IMG_3697 IMG_3686 IMG_4024 IMG_4013 IMG_4004 IMG_4002 IMG_3999 IMG_3984 IMG_3962 IMG_3936 IMG_3870 IMG_3814


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Mi’gmaq family portrait ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

So, this beautiful family came to me knowing what they wanted. I hope I was able to deliver on what their vision was. Momma worked hard on making the outfits, and it represented how they live their lives and who they really are. It was my pleasure to spend some time with them capturing their young family’s personality. Enjoy some of their images…

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Valentine & birthday girl ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

This will make your valentine’s day flowers wilt and your chocolate melt because she is priceless! You just wanna squeeze those cheeks! So, here is a sweet girls’ first birthday portraits, enjoy! Happy love day everyone!!

_MG_2820 _MG_2980 _MG_3076 Valentinecollagekmp


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A sweet & gentle warrior ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

There are times when I have the opportunity to meet extraordinary people. This time was one of them. When I got the last minute phone call that this little family would be in Campbellton, New-Brunswick for the holidays I knew I had to make the time to meet them. A sister arranged the appointment and it was something humbling to hear their story of courage, determination and love. Every once in a while I’ll meet people thanks to my profession that I probably wouldn’t otherwise, and this I am grateful for every day. As you’ll see this little boy has been through a tough beginning, he bares the scars but his smile is contagious and brightens up any room. The love this family has for each other is what you can feel when you meet them. With his little rebuilt heart, this sweet pea managed to make mine smile. Thank you. Thank you for letting me in to spend this little bit of time capturing something so precious. May this year bring about many new and wonderful experiences and may you also be blessed with meeting new people that make it all the sweeter…Love, Karen

_MG_8806 _MG_8837 _MG_8843 mothersoncollage_MG_8749

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An addition to the extended family ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

Here’s a session that was gifted to my cousin from her momma. She’s in New-Hampshire, but came up for a visit and portrait session with her newest daughter. Ahhhh…how cute are those baby cheeks!? So, here’s a peak into their time here at the studio, enjoy!

family1 _MG_6559-Edit _MG_6616-Edit _MG_6627-Edit


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