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Thanksgiving wedding 2015 ~ Quebec & New Brunswick photographer

So, this weekend we celebrated Justin & Sari’s nuptials. If any of you were outside Saturday, you know that the sun was shining but the wind carried some icy chills with it. Nonetheless, my bride was determined to have beautiful portraits even if it meant a little bit of chattering teeth here and there. As you’ll see they were beautiful, stylish and cheerful! This always makes my days happy ones!

So, here is a sneak peek into Justin & Sari’s wedded bliss…


IMG_0298 IMG_0330 IMG_0478 IMG_0482 IMG_0581 IMG_0590 IMG_0592 IMG_0599

This was a tear jerking moment, that's for sure...

This was a tear jerking moment, that’s for sure…

IMG_0843 IMG_0883 IMG_1090 IMG_1115 IMG_1256 IMG_1505 IMG_2011 IMG_2055 IMG_2070 IMG_2106 IMG_2165 IMG_2428-Edit IMG_2523 IMG_2546

This bouquet was divine.

This bouquet was divine.

IMG_2599 IMG_2608 IMG_2714 IMG_2784 IMG_2807 IMG_2832 IMG_2890-Edit IMG_2969 IMG_3020-Edit

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Vanessa & Kristof ~ Campbellton, New Brunswick

Well, this day turned out to be a blessing. We had bad weather before and after the big day. After what seemed like weeks of rain and cold we got one beautiful sunny summer day! This couple was a pleasure to spend the day with. As you’ll see my job wasn’t very hard either…beautiful people in a beautiful setting.

As you’ll see we did a “first look”, and these are always fun when set-up right. Wait till you see the sequence 🙂

Thank you for letting me be part of this day Vanessa & Kristof!

Here’s a preview!

IMG_6867 IMG_6968 IMG_7181 IMG_7205 IMG_7247 IMG_7427 IMG_7429 IMG_7533 IMG_7542 IMG_7548 IMG_7551 IMG_7567 IMG_7679 IMG_7710 IMG_7719 IMG_7732 IMG_7794 IMG_8185 IMG_8298 IMG_8364 IMG_8457 IMG_8676 IMG_8914 IMG_8926 IMG_8996 IMG_9171 IMG_9335 IMG_9554 IMG_9985

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Claire & Brad ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

I woke up Saturday morning excited to see the sun was shining. As some of you know, summer has somewhat not really shown up yet. So, when the forecast was calling for the warmest day we’ve had yet, I was thrilled despite knowing those boys would probably be hoping for some clouds haha…So, here is the beautiful and kind couple and their sweet families!

IMG_2621-web IMG_2675-web IMG_2775-web IMG_2979-web IMG_3022-web IMG_3040-web IMG_3090-web IMG_3167-web IMG_3315-web IMG_3668-web IMG_3671-web IMG_3718-web IMG_3726 web IMG_3782-web IMG_4055-web IMG_4091-web IMG_4114-web IMG_4164-web IMG_4187-web IMG_4201-web IMG_4306-web IMG_4312-web IMG_4327-web IMG_4540-web IMG_4775 web IMG_5169-web inlawscollage web motherfatherdancecollage web

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Fall wedding ~ Quebec & Campbellton, NB wedding photographer

This beautiful wedding was full of laughter, tears, and kindness. The kids were excited and mom and dad were happy…in the end it’s what makes the day such a privilege to be part of. On days like this I’m grateful to be able to play the role that I do, to be able to offer the physical part of the memories. Enjoy a few images from this couples fall wedding…

Karenmartin-1 Karenmartin-2 Karenmartin-3 Karenmartin-5 Karenmartin-6 Karenmartin-7Karenmartin8 Karenmartinblog-4Karenmartinblog-9 Karenmartinblog-10Karenmartin-17 Karenmartinblog-11 Karenmartinblog-12 Karenmartinblog-13 Karenmartinblog-16 Karenmartinblog3-1 Karenmartinblog3-2 Karenmartinblog3-3 Karenmartinblog3-4 Karenmartinblog4-1

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Beautiful Fredericton wedding ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

So, I’ve known this pretty momma for years. I’ve shot many sessions for her and I’ve seen her boys grow throughout the years. When her and the Mr. asked me to do the wedding I was over the moon. They love each other and there’s no doubt about it. I love that about them. He adores his lady and isn’t shy to show the world. So, here is a sneak peek at an out of town wedding I did recently. Enjoy…

IMG_5860 IMG_5973 IMG_6152 IMG_6322 IMG_6472 IMG_6185 IMG_6549IMG_6572_MG_5986_MG_5987_MG_5989_MG_5992_MG_5998_MG_6019IMG_6585IMG_6626IMG_6632IMG_6700_MG_6084 _MG_6341 IMG_6914 IMG_6863 IMG_6855 IMG_6839 IMG_6766 _MG_6429IMG_7051 IMG_7082 IMG_7086 IMG_7184 IMG_7828IMG_7520

Venue: Fredericton, NB Delta

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Sunshiney wedding ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

I feel lucky everyday to be able to capture people’s most precious moments. I’m not being sappy or anything, it’s the honest truth. Being surrounded and in constant observance of people’s emotions and expressions makes you appreciate the little things in the everyday. I loved this wedding, the bride was a hoot and so were the bridesmaids. The men were jocksters and being in black suits and still be able to pull off jokes and laughs, when you yourself feel like you may melt, well my hats off to those groomsmen. So, here they are…beautiful and happy, enjoy!

IMG_0168 IMG_0363 IMG_0449 IMG_0487 IMG_0711 IMG_0813 IMG_0833 IMG_0874 IMG_1034 IMG_1089-Edit IMG_1298 IMG_1310 IMG_1340 IMG_1608 IMG_1622 IMG_1652 IMG_1665 IMG_1706 IMG_1780 IMG_1820 IMG_1865 IMG_1886 IMG_1891 IMG_1924 IMG_2069 IMG_2156 IMG_2316 IMG_2331 IMG_2334 IMG_2461 IMG_2532 IMG_2534

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Wedding in the wind ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

So, hurricane Arthur made his presence known yesterday. No amount of praying seemed to make a difference, but despite the heavy rains, strong winds, and chilly temperatures for a July day we made out pretty good. Being surrounded by amazing people always helps to make light of a “bad weather” situation. The electricity didn’t go out in the neighborhood and that we were pretty grateful for. We had a beautiful child to cheer us up also. You have to love them little beautiful faces full of excitement on such a day.

And wait until you see the images of dad helping daughter prepare…

Here is a sweet couple’s wedding sneak peek…enjoy!

IMG_4404 IMG_4501 IMG_4514 IMG_4518 IMG_4539 IMG_4550 IMG_4578 IMG_4645 IMG_4689 IMG_4706 IMG_4784 IMG_4794 IMG_4824 IMG_4907 IMG_5150 IMG_5165 IMG_5275 IMG_5285 IMG_5326 IMG_5377 IMG_5451 IMG_5479 IMG_5492 IMG_5503 IMG_5521 IMG_5551 IMG_5589 IMG_5663 IMG_5730 IMG_5763 IMG_5835 IMG_5987 IMG_4460

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