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Thanksgiving wedding 2015 ~ Quebec & New Brunswick photographer

So, this weekend we celebrated Justin & Sari’s nuptials. If any of you were outside Saturday, you know that the sun was shining but the wind carried some icy chills with it. Nonetheless, my bride was determined to have beautiful portraits even if it meant a little bit of chattering teeth here and there. As you’ll see they were beautiful, stylish and cheerful! This always makes my days happy ones!

So, here is a sneak peek into Justin & Sari’s wedded bliss…


IMG_0298 IMG_0330 IMG_0478 IMG_0482 IMG_0581 IMG_0590 IMG_0592 IMG_0599

This was a tear jerking moment, that's for sure...

This was a tear jerking moment, that’s for sure…

IMG_0843 IMG_0883 IMG_1090 IMG_1115 IMG_1256 IMG_1505 IMG_2011 IMG_2055 IMG_2070 IMG_2106 IMG_2165 IMG_2428-Edit IMG_2523 IMG_2546

This bouquet was divine.

This bouquet was divine.

IMG_2599 IMG_2608 IMG_2714 IMG_2784 IMG_2807 IMG_2832 IMG_2890-Edit IMG_2969 IMG_3020-Edit

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Ahhh…children, how I missed you ~ Quebec & New Brunswick photographer

So, a while back I slowed down quite a bit on booking sessions that weren’t wedding, newborn or maternity related. I stayed away from family and children so that I could concentrate on these areas. But what I realized recently is that having to entertain and trick kids into liking me was part of the excitement! Oh my how fun it is to pull scrunchie noses, giggles and smiles out of little ones. They have no care in the world what tomorrow brings and what yesterday was like. And when I’m photographing them, I’m right there…In the moment. Sure the parents probably think I’m some kind of whacked out overgrown child, but that’s part of the fun. And you know what I need more of that in my life. So, bring it on!

Here is a recent session I did of 2 beautiful boys, who love their mother without a doubt and she adores them just as much. I love when a child is free loving and carefree like the way they were meant to be…

And one of my favorite images is the last one, because I’m in it. I can see my shadow behind him and he’s reaching up towards me…that’s when I know, I’ve done my  best to make them feel at home 🙂

IMG_5672 IMG_5720 IMG_6055 IMG_6112 IMG_6152 IMG_6159 IMG_6237 IMG_6312-Edit

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Beautiful engagements ~ Campbellton, Nb wedding photographer

Oh, how I love engagement sessions. They’re usually a way to get to know my clients and hang out in a relaxed setting. These two made the session such a fun event. Which usually means a great atmosphere come wedding day. So, here is a couple we’ll be seeing again this fall when they tie the knot!

engagementportrait6908 IMG_6958 IMG_6987 IMG_6988 IMG_7034 IMG_7053 IMG_7075 IMG_7114 IMG_7255 IMG_7297

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Sophisticated momma ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick newborn photographer

Loved the way this session turned out. A little bit of dark, bright and sun! Enjoy this mother to be’s images 🙂

IMG_1495 IMG_1553 IMG_1635

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Fall wedding ~ Quebec & Campbellton, NB wedding photographer

This beautiful wedding was full of laughter, tears, and kindness. The kids were excited and mom and dad were happy…in the end it’s what makes the day such a privilege to be part of. On days like this I’m grateful to be able to play the role that I do, to be able to offer the physical part of the memories. Enjoy a few images from this couples fall wedding…

Karenmartin-1 Karenmartin-2 Karenmartin-3 Karenmartin-5 Karenmartin-6 Karenmartin-7Karenmartin8 Karenmartinblog-4Karenmartinblog-9 Karenmartinblog-10Karenmartin-17 Karenmartinblog-11 Karenmartinblog-12 Karenmartinblog-13 Karenmartinblog-16 Karenmartinblog3-1 Karenmartinblog3-2 Karenmartinblog3-3 Karenmartinblog3-4 Karenmartinblog4-1

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A grad session with a daper pug ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

So, I’ve fallen behind on my blogging, my apologies…I was busy trying to get caught up in fiscal business and now it looks like I can get back to doing what I love! I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks getting caught up on some sessions, blog posts and taking a little road trip to facilitate a photography class at the Coady Institute at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Here is a grad session blog post with another on deck, along with a newborn session.

I love when clients take their pets portrait attire this seriously. I love it too when we bring happiness to our grad sessions! Here she is 😉 Enjoy…

_MG_7870-kmp _MG_7950-kmp _MG_7975-kmp


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Glam grad session ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick photographer

I love ending the week with a blog post! And I’ve been loving the grads coming through the studio. I am lucky. I am grateful for all the wonderful smiles, all the great attitudes and all the energy they bring into their session! So, here is another awesome girl, here she is…enjoy!

_MG_1710 _MG_1759

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