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Thanksgiving wedding 2015 ~ Quebec & New Brunswick photographer

So, this weekend we celebrated Justin & Sari’s nuptials. If any of you were outside Saturday, you know that the sun was shining but the wind carried some icy chills with it. Nonetheless, my bride was determined to have beautiful portraits even if it meant a little bit of chattering teeth here and there. As you’ll see they were beautiful, stylish and cheerful! This always makes my days happy ones!

So, here is a sneak peek into Justin & Sari’s wedded bliss…


IMG_0298 IMG_0330 IMG_0478 IMG_0482 IMG_0581 IMG_0590 IMG_0592 IMG_0599

This was a tear jerking moment, that's for sure...

This was a tear jerking moment, that’s for sure…

IMG_0843 IMG_0883 IMG_1090 IMG_1115 IMG_1256 IMG_1505 IMG_2011 IMG_2055 IMG_2070 IMG_2106 IMG_2165 IMG_2428-Edit IMG_2523 IMG_2546

This bouquet was divine.

This bouquet was divine.

IMG_2599 IMG_2608 IMG_2714 IMG_2784 IMG_2807 IMG_2832 IMG_2890-Edit IMG_2969 IMG_3020-Edit

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Cold, but beautiful wedding day ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick wedding photographer

So, like the title says, it was cold! But we managed as the sun was out and the lighting was magnificent. This couple I’ve gotten to know throughout the year and was so happy to be part of their big day. You could see the love, and the sweetness in their admiration for each other…so, I know I’ve kept them waiting, and they’ve been more then sweet about it, here is your sneak peek Mr. & Mrs. Irvine!


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Better late then never wedding ~ Quebec & New-Brunswick Wedding photographer

So, for one reason or another, most of my clients come in for their weddings. Usually they’re from the area, have moved to other parts of the country and come home to wed. This couple live in Kuujjuaq, Northern Quebec and while here, I photographed them 3 times. That’s a record for me and for them I think! So, we did an engagement session, a wedding and a few days later, family portraits…wow! So, to simplify I’m going to blog both engagement session and wedding…family portraits to be seen later 😉

She was a beautiful, and a little tardy 😉 blushing bride, none the less, everything fell into place quite perfectly…

And now for the big day…

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